Located in T. W. Briscoe Park at the corner of Magnolia Road and Sawyer Parkway, Snellville Georgia

Greenhouse Information
P.O. Box 669, Snellville, GA 30078
Website: www.snellvillecommunitygarden.com

Greenhouse Mission Statement
The Mission of the Community Garden @ Snellville Greenhouse
Committee is to propagate seeds and transplants to sell in the
community in order to generate income for the Garden.
In addition, it will provide an excellent location for the Gwinnett
County Extension Office and Master Gardeners
to use for classes and demonstrations open to the community.

Greenhouse Rules and Regulations

1.    No smoking allowed.
2.    No pets allowed.
3.    Greenhouse will be locked and the combination will be available only to the Greenhouse Management
       Team (GMT) and CG@S committee members.
4.    Visitors are welcome when the greenhouse is open.
5.    Children must be accompanied by an adult.
6.    Only the GMT may propagate seeds and transplants in the greenhouse.
7.    The GMT is responsible for ensuring that the greenhouse is clean and everything is properly put away
8.    The GMT is responsible for maintaining the Log/Record of work performance by date, name, work
        completed and materials used.
9.    All propagated seed pots, flats and transplants must be labeled with date, name of plant and initials of
        person who did the work.
10.    Supplies will be stored in the greenhouse.
11.    Materials will be consistent with the CG@S “sustainable” or “as organic as possible” rules.
12.    Donated flats, pots, planters etc. will be cleaned with a 10/1 bleach solution before use in the

Greenhouse Management Team (GMT)

    Ileen Meggison    honeyb@bellsouth.net
    Wes Nettleton    wesnet50@gmail.com
    Lucy Nettleton    wesnet50@gmail.com
   Martha Whitman    1marthawhitman@gmail.com
    Rob Stewart (electrician)    rob@kthill.net
    Kurt Schulz (building)    kgschulz@bellsouth.net
    Gretchen Schulz    kgschulz@bellsouth.net